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Established in 1972
1023 Baer Lane, Somerset, PA 15501
Phone Toll Free: 888-634-4687
You can also email us : info@hemmingerhomes.com

Hemminger Homes has built custom office units that already meet L&I specifications when they were built. Our flexibility in design as well as complete construction packages make these offices very practical for business use.

By having L&;I approval before construction costs are kept lower knowing all requirements are met in the unit. Savings are increased by not needing as many on site inspections during construction. Money and time are saved by not needing to wait or redo parts of the office unit, to meet code compliance.

Just like our modular residential units our customers have plans & ideas and we work together to meet your needs. Office layouts are also designed to be handicap accessible, baths are also designed as needed. Porches, decks and railings can be added to complete the exterior as well as to meet code requirements.

                                                                        L&I Approveal

Licenses Include: NMLS# 101157; MHBR NO. 2043; WV041000
We are Members of:   SCBALogo  PMHA3Color  NAHBLogo  BBBSeal  We are also:  EqualHousing EqualLending